It seems just from observing the events going on around me over the past 20 years or so that the United States is under siege from several directions with an organised plan to change the country in a profound way.

The goal appears to be to convert the country into a utopian dreamland where people from all over the world can come without any hindrance, take advantage of its resources and then rise to prominence to influence its future directions. The average Americans are either too self-centred or too passive or too naïve to be able to do anything about it.

It is a three-pronged attack. If you look at all the jobs in the lower half of the economic spectrum it is obvious that more and more of these jobs are being taken over by the Mexican immigrants – both legal and illegal – and perhaps by some other Hispanics. Such jobs include all jobs that do not require a four-year college degree. Mexican workers have been working on California farms ever since the time California was part of Mexico.

Many of them were day labourers who returned to Mexico once their jobs were done. The immigration of Mexicans started about three decades ago. At the beginning these immigrants were happy to work in hourly jobs at fast-food restaurants and labour-intensive work in lawn care, manufacturing and construction industries. They were localized typically in states bordering Mexico like California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

Gradually they infiltrated in various service sector jobs migrating into states as far north as North Carolina, Illinois etc. Whether these immigrants came here legally or illegally, unlike most Asian and European immigrants, their objective typically was not higher education. The ones at the bottom also created a geographical segregation because they could afford to leave only in lower rent districts with a ghetto-like atmosphere.

On the other hand, the higher end professional jobs, especially in technical areas, are seeing a continual increase in the number of Asian, especially Chinese applicants. These jobs pay considerably higher money and not surprisingly these Chinese live in more upscale neighborhoods. A large number of Chinese families have also become very wealthy in recent years, thanks to the booming Shanghai stock market.

Whether or not these families intend to permanently immigrate to US and become citizens they are all buying real estates in US and sending their kids to American schools. Result is an opposite effect compared to the one created by influx of Mexican immigrants. Certain areas have become very exclusive with great school districts where only very rich people can afford to buy. The University of California system is gradually becoming one where the Asians are the majority in the student body.

The drive of Asians to immigrate to USA seems to be just as strong as that of the Mexicans. Not too long ago a well-organized immigration “ring” was busted in California where pregnant Chinese women were systematically brought to USA shortly before their expected delivery dates so that the babies could be born in the USA and eventually become US citizens.

This is a legal version of what many Mexican women do in their effort to give birth to what Donald Trump called “anchor babies”.

In addition, the country has been flooded with IT engineers from India on temporary H1B visas. While technology companies assert that the US does not have enough technical people to fulfill all the needs of a rapidly increasing demand for computer expertise the fact is that they are saving tons of money because these IT engineers are willing to work for a lot less than their American counterparts (but still very decent salaries compared to India) and the companies have made no special efforts to recruit or train American workers.

Since the engineers on H1B visa are not US citizens they do not have strong attachments to society and are oblivious to the social issues. While the super wealthy American people in industries like banking, building and land development, professional sports and entertainment, venture capitalism, consumer goods etc. seem to be unaffected by the above influxes it might be just a matter of time before that exclusivity gradually disappears.

There is already a rather large number of Asian banks popping up all over the country and foreign immigrants have strong presence in medical, legal and even political arenas. With the upper and lower segments of the economy invaded by the immigrants it is logical to ask what is happening to the middle-class folks who were born in this country especially their education and profession. This is where the third prong of the attack has struck.

In the good old days this segment of population used to be the work horse of the economy. They were hard-working people who loved their country, fought for their country and were proud of their country. This is an especially relevant question because the number of people on welfare and/or food-stamps is staggering.

We will find that once secure livelihood of the middle class is gone. There is no job security in any area of work. Pension plans and good health care benefits have disappeared. With manufacturing industries fleeing the country well-paying jobs have also vanished and the job market these days is largely service oriented.

Many so-called middle-class people hover at the edge of poverty while juggling multiple jobs. The dot com bust and later the crash in the real estate market have broken their backs. In addition, we now face the shocking fact that drugs are literally killing an entire generation of young people in this country. These drugs include marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin and more recently opioid prescription pills. The ones who are not dying are becoming lazy and averse to any kind of hard work as well as higher education. Where are these drugs coming from?

A large part is coming from Mexico and Latin American countries through Mexico. Here is why it seems like a planned raid. It looks like there was a strategy developed by the Mexicans that they would smuggle in as much drugs as possible into USA to render the American workforce incapable of doing simple jobs and in parallel send as many Mexicans into USA – legally or illegally who can take over those jobs.

A similar conspiracy seems to work at the other end where the Chinese companies have gradually taken over the entire world by offering all kinds of merchandise at a price no one can compete with. A huge number of manufacturing jobs have fled the country.

The plants in USA have shut down and qualified and skilled workers have become unemployed. As a result, a large number of Chinese has become very wealthy even though the poor labourers in China have not seen the benefit. Now this money is finding its way back into USA – first in the form of real estate investment and various businesses but eventually the goal seems to be a desire to change the country.

Cities in California like San Francisco in the north and Irvine in the south as well as some areas in cities like Dallas and New York have been magnets for Asian immigrants. As a result, high schools and colleges in these areas have become very competitive and been producing some of the brightest students. The traditional Americans have been left behind both in academics as well as from desirable places to live.

The most puzzling aspect of this phenomenon is the reaction of the liberal politicians and main-stream media in this country. It is almost absurd to see the uproar in support of the so-called “sanctuary cities” and “deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA)” programme, professional athletes openly disrespecting the American flag and national anthem and vigorous opposition to a travel ban for the Muslim extremists but the plight of the every-day American goes largely unnoticed.

It was not surprising that Donald Trump was elected to be the president in spite of many of his major flaws because he was brave and brash enough to lend a voice to the “silent majority”. However, I am afraid that it may be too late and the damage may have already been done to such an extent that it cannot be repaired or reversed.

Is this the dawn of a new era and emergence of a new utopian country whether it is a spontaneous evolution or by design by some “illuminati” group? The speeches at the 2016 Democratic Convention certainly suggested that.

They all sounded like the lyrics of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon: “Imagine there is no countries … nothing to kill or die for … imagine living life in peace” … no religion too … brotherhood of man”.

I do not know. Only time will tell.

(The writer, a physicist who worked in academia and industry, is a Bengali settled in America)