Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday announced that his government will constitute a Tea Tribe Commission to facilitate all round development of the tea tribes of Assam.

Addressing a tea workers’ convention at Silchar, Gogoi said, "We want all round development of the tea communities who are living in Assam for decades as this community is playing an inseparable role in strengthening the composite culture of Assam."

The proposed tea tribe commission will address all the key areas such as health, nutrition and employment of the tea tribes, he said.

The Government will also set up a separate directorate for the education of the tea tribe community to expedite their educational development and facilitate their skill development, Gogoi said.

Acknowledging the immense contribution of the tea tribe community for social and economic development of Assam, he said, "Development of tea tribes will lead to a developed Assam and it is the foremost duty of the Government to bolster their development".

The Chief Minister also said the government is all set to announce a fixed wage for tea workers which will be higher than the existing wage as all the formalities in this regard has been completed.

"The Government is also set to formulate a policy called ‘Bagan Ghar’ to ensure housing to all tea workers", Gogoi said.Underlining the need for bringing ‘Tea’ to the state List from the Union List, the Chief Minister said his government is working for this.