Northeast showcases high electoral participation

The land-locked region sends 25 members to the lower house of parliament, and the electorates exercised their franchises through electronic voting machines in all three phases, with more than 10 per cent more voter turnout than the national average.

One year of ethnic conflict in Manipur

It was raining very heavily on the night of 27 April, and a storm had lashed along to make matters worse. It was also going to be the first light soon, and the sentries at that moment had just let their guards down.

Dealing with ethnic enigma

The problem is not confined to the decades-old matters related to the indigenous communities living in different parts of the region.

Recalibrating China policy

Political rhetoric is on the rise these days throughout the country. All want to win the election and form the next government in the country.

Assam’s path-breaking reforms in school education

On the face of it, the decision is sound and in keeping with the National Education Policy 2023 that primary education is to be imparted in the mother tongue, which is the language spoken by the child at home.

North-east: the epilogue 2023

These dying days of December are reflective and provide the leverage to reflect on what substantives have happened in different fields in 2023.

Paying tribute to Bhimbar Deuri

That was an auspicious occasion to pay tribute to a dedicated tribal leader turned true nationalist, where the extraordinary contributions of Bhimbar Deuri (16 May 1903–30 November 1947) to the country, while it was preparing to adopt a new identity as a sovereign nation after decades of foreigner’s rule, were fondly remembered.