Animal health experts in Manipur on Friday confirmed the outbreak of swine fever in Moreh on the India-Myanmar border.

Disclosing this to reporters, officials said that preventive measures have been taken to ensure that the killer disease does not spread to other areas.

However they dodged questions on the so-called preventive measures since veterinarians have been telling the tribal pig owners at Moreh that there is no vaccine and the only refrigerator has been out of order for more than 4 years. 

The officials said that there have been some deaths of pigs while many others are now ill. One official said,"This is a common disease among the pigs kept in various parts of Manipur. The pigs lose appetite, feel drowsy and then eventually die. If timely medicines are administered the pigs could be saved".

Though there is no official announcement, the district administration is not permitting import of pork from the other side of the international border leading to a sharp decline in the sale and consumption of pork. 

Some bootleggers selling illicit country liquor told IANS that they have stopped serving fried and curried pork.

The tribals of the area have no idea of how to cope with the losses they have suffered. The government has also not assisted them in any way.

There are also increasing complaints from local residents against people keeping pigs in residential areas in view of the outbreak of the fever.