The Mizoram government has been making preparations to implement the National Food Security Scheme by February next, state food, civil supplies and consumer affairs minister John Rotluangliana on Tuesday said.

Rotluangliana said the scheme could not be implemented during September last, the deadline fixed by the Centre and the state government was compelled to defer the implementation for two times due to unavoidable circumstances.

He said the last attempt to implement the scheme in November fizzled out due to complaints from Opposition parties on the appointment of village-level selection committees.

Of the 11 lakh population of the state, a little over 7,06,000 people would be covered by the scheme under which each person would be entitled to receive five kgs of rice at the rate of Rs.three a kg.

The state government has been making arrangements to provide food to the entire population of the state at a higher rate of Rs.15 a kg, he added.