CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Sunday said the BJP government at the Centre is introducing a "new Emergency" and it will be worse than the one imposed by former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

"There is a takeover of Fascist forces. Today Fascist forces in the government are attacking people for raising their voices. They are doing a game plan to convert the secular democratic India into a Hindu Rashtra by attacking anyone who opposes them. This is the new Emergency," Yechury said at a rally here.

"All be attacked in the name of anti-nationalism. Hitler too rose with the help of Fascism and a World War was needed to end the menace of Fascism. That is the danger. That is why it is worse than the Emergency, which was imposed by Indira Gandhi," he said.

Launching CPI(M)’s poll campaign in Assam, Yechury said a big campaign needs to be mounted against the manner in which the Modi government was "ruining" higher education institutions and bodies.

Referring to the JNU incident, he said "They are doing it with a purpose, the purpose for establishing their concept of Hindu Rashtra by destroying the secular democratic republic. They want to replace history with Hindu mythology and philosophy with Hindu theology. That is the big struggle we all are fighting against." 

"We need freedom. We need freedom from hunger, communal hatred, capitalist exploitations, Manuvadi cast exploitation and Sangh ideology. Raising slogans for such freedom is not an anti-national act, but an act of patriotism. This is a new conspiracy to crush the people’s voice in the name of nationalism to hide their failure," Yechury said.

The CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP said Nathuram Godse is a national hero for RSS-BJP and those who raise voice against the Modi government are anti-nationals.