The Coronavirus outbreak has taken everyone under its sway. Not just physically, but the deadly virus is affecting a lot of jobs as well. Since the government has announced a nationwide lockdown, everything is at a halt. As a result, many companies are facing an economic crisis. The crisis is hampering everything including businesses getting shut, salaries being slashed, employees getting sacked, no salary hikes, perks etc. And this is the reason why people are losing their jobs at a large scale. This situation may worsen if the health crisis continues to persist.

Amidst all this, people tend to get into mental pressure. So, in order to avoid it, one must be advised to keep calm and patient; things will get better with time. Here we have curated some tips for everyone dealing with mental pressure after losing their jobs.

Be patient. Stay calm and avoid panic situations.

Try to maintain your budget. Avoid unnecessary costs. Cut down your budget and spend it wisely.

Talk to your close ones. If needed, ask their help without feeling ashamed of it. Ask them to contact you, if they come across any job related to your interest. You can also ask for some monetary help from your friends and family. Once your situation gets better, you can repay them. Meanwhile, you can also search for jobs on social media platforms including LinkedIn.

Start prepping up for a new job. Update your resume. Work out on your personality.

Enhance your knowledge. In this time of crisis, it’s very difficult to get a job of your choice field, so try to gain some knowledge about other fields too.

If possible, try getting a freelance job.