There is a mixed feeling of joy and chaos as the little droplets of water hit the earth. Monsoon being the favourite season for many calls for liking towards hot beverages. However, it is very important to maintain the nutrition level in one’s body. To avoid or fight the sickness from the rains, here is the list of some healthy quenchers and food you can turn to:

Herbal Tea – Sipping hot herbal tea with evening snacks is not only a perfect combination for a rainy day, but also a very good source to cleanse your system. Herbal teas have antioxidants which helps fight many diseases and bacteria, giving a boost of energy to go on in an otherwise lethargic day.

Dry Fruits – Developing a habit of eating a few pieces of cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachio and dates, will not only keep you healthy during monsoon but even otherwise. Especially during monsoon, it keeps your body warm and protects any attack from viruses. It is also a super healthy practise which also keeps your weight in check.

Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juice – Taking out fresh juices everyday consumes a huge chunk of time, often leaving people with the only option of consuming juices from roadside vendors. This drastically increases the risk of illness during monsoon. Second nature is a solution to that problem. It has a variety of options, from cold-extracted fruit and vegetable juices to nut milk and nectars. Not only do they taste good but also is fresh from nature and provides the body with required nutrients and minerals of both fruits and vegetables.

Yogurt – These are rich in protein, probiotic & bacteria which strengthen our immune system. The best part of yogurt is, you can use it as an ingredient for a dish, add it in a smoothie, use it to prepare desserts, add it in your cereal or just have it directly from the cup. It is super convenient and tastes delicious.

Spices – Add more spices like turmeric, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon in your food for an immunity boost. Monsoon brings in a lot of mosquitoes and insects, keeping you susceptible to allergies. These spices help getting rid of such infection and is also great for digestion.