Dry fruits

Superfood special: Add these dry fruits to your diet plan this winter

They are typically consumed during the winter since they can keep you warm and boost your immunity against frequent winter illnesses. Energy, protein, vitamins, and other vital nutrients are all provided by dry fruits for your body. Due to similar benefits, several nuts are called dry fruits.

Munch these dry fruits that help in weight loss

A boost in the metabolism process can be enhanced by eating foods that keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. These foods include dried fruits, fibre-rich fruits, eggs, yoghurt and proteins. Read on to know some of the recommended dried fruits that can promote quick weight loss while staying healthy at the same time.

Importance of dry fruits in winter

A combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber is what dry fruits contain, other than these, dry fruits are one of the healthy and delicious snacks to eat.

Afghanistan turmoil: Prices of dry fruits shoot up

We have a current dry fruit stock of about 15 days only as fruits are perishable items and can not be stored for a long time and once the stocks are exhausted the prices will further soar in the coming days,”

Ring in the monsoon with these healthy quenchers and food

There is a mixed feeling of joy and chaos as the little droplets of water hit the earth. Monsoon being the favourite season for many calls for liking towards hot beverages. However, it is very important to maintain the nutrition level in one’s body.

Foods for warmth

We can make winter a wonderful time filled with more fun and joy by incorporating these foods in our diet.