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How to look gorgeous with matching eye makeup and attire

Finding the right match of clothes won’t make you feel like searching for needle in a haystack.

SNS | Deepa Gupta |

Dressing up for occasions is fun, but matching your eye makeup with your attire is a tricky business. Go too light and your dress will look washed out, too dark and you create an embarrassing line that just isn’t cute. Now, finding the right match of clothes won’t make you feel like searching for needle in a haystack. It’s quite easy and interesting!

10 tips on how to match your eye makeup with your dress

1. To get an eye makeup that you feel may blend better with the dress you’re wearing, test it first on your hand and not on your eyelid. Pick a shade that goes perfectly perfect with the hues and designs of your attire.

2. If your dress is designed with trends and attributes of recent past typically 15-20 years, for that retro look in minutes go for smoky eye makeup. Line the outer rim of your eyes with brown pencil and then smudge it out. Apply brow shadow, intensify your brow, line the waterline of your lower lid and coat your lashes with mascara.

3. Evening gowns demand for sexy candle-lit eyes. Create a lighter looking, yet equally sexy smoky look. Apply a light shimmery shadow over your entire eyelid as the base shade, add in some bronze eye shadow, intensify your eyes at the outer corners, line your eyes to complete the look.

4. You can master any casual dressing look like denims with a sexy cat eye makeup. You won’t have to worry about effing up your winged liner to create dashes and connect the dots, draw a tiny – elongated triangle shape that connects the winged liner to the upper lash line.

5. Want a lighter cool look with your office wear? Smoky eyes don’t always have to hail from the dark side. You can always create a subtle look, yet equally sexy smoky vibe by applying a light shimmery shadow over your entire eyelid as the base shade. Add in some bronze eye shadow, intensify your eye at the outer corners and line your eyes to give a sexy smoky look.

6. Sexy glided cat eyes go perfect with a gorgeous party wear dress. Switch your casual smoky eye for something super glittery. Press gold, silver or bronze pigments (whichever matches best with your dress) onto the centre of your eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes. Dust metallic shadow into the crease, add depth by subtly layering black eye shadow onto the outer corners and blend it. Sweep a glossy cream eye shadow over your brow bone and create a cat eye.

7. Go for a goddess look with nude prom dresses or dresses in nude hues. It’s time to switch to a more bronzed bombshell vibe. Use three cream shadows – apply the darkest tone over the entire eyelid, the medium-coloured one in the crease and the lightest shade along your brow bone. Buff the shades, guard your skin and layer on some eye shadow of similar shades over each cream shadow and blend the powder eye shadows. Accentuate your lower lash line by running the mixed colours under your lower lash line, trace your upper lash line and inner rim with black liner, line the inner lower rim of your lashes, coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara.

8. With any rocker chic outfit, wear a sexy eye makeup to have sultry rocker eyes. Create a nude canvas using a blending brush and creamy concealer over the lids all the way to the brows, fake the wet look on the lids, line your eyes with creamy black pencil, coat your lids from lash line to crease using the same black creamy liner pencil, add some gun metal grey liner into the mix and then blend it with the black liner to create dimension.

9. Amp your traditional wear with some colourful shadow and make heads turn. Smoky eyes doesn’t mean black always. You can flaunt them in any colour. You have to switch up your usual dark grey for a dramatic eye look. Magenta shadow with chic white liner on the lower inner rim, a bright blue hue, a Kelly green shade, an icy blue shade, a gorgeous gun metal hue, a glided bronzy look, a deep sultry plum shade, a rose gold smoke show, sunset orange on upper lid and yellow along your lower lash line, a gorgeous fuchsia with smoky orange, magical burgundy and hot plum orange are show stopper choices for eye makeup.

10. A unicorn look calls for a vibrant loud look. Add colours to your eye makeup mix. Cover your eyelid with a subtly shimmering brown shadow, apply a shimmering shade of a champagne-coloured shadow in the inner cover of your eyes and blend it in. Add a pop of colour to your lower lash line, fill in your brows using a brow powder shade that’s lighter than your eyebrows to look as natural as possible.

Eye makeup that claims to match your dressing seems to be all the rage these days. Is there some sort of magic ingredient that senses what your needs are? Well, the answer is not as exciting as magic, but it’s pretty cool chemistry between your outfit and eye makeup.

No matter, what your dress type or colour is, you can recreate the fantasy with your luscious lashes and gorgeous eyelids by picking the right eye makeup.