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Layer your lids with perfect eyeshadow hue

Stock your vanity with the super unique and super fascinating quality eyeshadow shades

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Different eyes have different colours and different skin tones. Make them gorgeous by picking the right eyes shadow tone. It is a beautiful phenomenon to flaunt with stunning eyes experimenting different jaw dropping hues.

Take a look on flattering eye shadow palates that will make you captivated. Choose the shade according to your eye colour.

eye makeup
Colorful eyes with vivid eyeshadows

For blue eyes

Opt orange hue for smoky, bold and sexy blue eyes creating a strong contrast. Neutral palate of rust, bronze and gold also work to add on to the glamour. Purple and pink shadows work well too to accentuate them. Avoid using blue shadows. Instead, opt for a bold turquoise liner and navy mascara to pop up the blue beauty.

For green eyes

On green eyes, all shades of purple look extra gorgeous. Lavender, violet and aubergine all make green eyes pop. The taupe shadow also looks flattering with silver shadow across the lids to give a smoky and bright look.

For grey eyes

Black and silver are great choices to compliment grey eyes. For greenish grey eyes, you can choose from salmon or almond colour or orchid, lilac and plum shade. If your eyes are brownish grey, try chocolate, mocha and tan tones. They look fab.

For brown or hazel brown eyes

The women with  eyes of these colours are quite fortunate to pick from a lot of options. Wear bronze, copper, gold, greenish gold – all will look awesome. Go purple for a striking contrast. Deep blues are also an eye catching contrast for you during the day time. You may explore with orange and black too for a dazzling look.

People will go nuts over your salient eye makeup. Stock your vanity with the super unique and super fascinating quality eyeshadow shades. You will be so proud and too beautiful for words.