Do you have an apricot tree growing in your garden? Treasure it if you have one as apricot is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

Apricots are often confused with peach as they look similar and both have a strong nut shell and slightly furry. They are members of the same prunus family. However, they differ in taste and peaches are larger than apricots in size and apricots when ripe turns yellow, whereas peaches turn pink and red.

This pulpy yellow apricots are popular worldwide not only as fun fruit but also as beauty and health food owing to its nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Like apple, an apricot a day can keep the doctor away, experts say.  According to science and several studies, apricot is rich in Vitamin A, calcium, minerals , dietary fibre and antioxidants. And the retinol in apricot is fat soluble. It also has high moisture content.

What apricots do to you?

It makes you look younger: The moisture and nutrients in the fruit boost your hair growth and improves the condition of your skin. It also prevent early ageing and slows down the ageing process.

Improves your eyesight: The presence of retinol in it which is fat soluble helps to enhance vision. Have it daily to have prolonged good eyesight.

Boost immunity: The antioxidants in it strengthens the immune system. Hence, it prevents common sicknesses such as fever, cold and cough and other diseases.

Healthy bones: The high calcium content in It strengthens the bones and prevents inflammation of the joints.

Makes your heart beat better: It is good for the heart and blood and prevents heart diseases. It reduces the bad cholesterol and builds good cholesterol.

Bust the stress:  Its natural sugar content helps to provide energy and bust the stress.  It takes away the lethargy in you and rejuvenates your body.

You can eat them fresh or in dried form. It is commonly used in baking and other form of sweet dishes, as jam, salad and drinks. Have them in different ways and enjoy the benefits of the treasure fruit.