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Craving Pakoras during monsoon? Just keep this in mind…

Many people face Gut problems as they are inevitable during the monsoon season.

SNS | New Delhi |

Almost every Indian waits for the Monsoon season after bearing long days of scorching heat and loo.  It is the time of the year when people love to sit back and smell the emanating petrichor from the air in the post-rain afternoon.  Not only this, they enjoy eating fried snacks with masala chai too.

Rain is an emotion for Indians and it’s finally here.

Craving fried food in rainy weather is very common. People love devouring Pakoras and other deep-fried foods. However, according to studies, the humid weather during monsoon makes the entire digestive system sluggish. Many people face Gut problems as they are inevitable during the monsoon season. Therefore, some things must be kept, in mind, like some ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ before gorging on the blissful fritters.

Go ‘Home-made’

It is natural to crave something fried and crispy during the rainy weather. The moisture-free surface of the pakoras and fritters is the perfect fit for moist weather. If you crave fried snacks, it is better to eat homemade ones. You cannot rely on outside food, especially during the rains. Hygiene is compromised in most places and the damp weather makes the conditions worse. Take time out and cook your crispy snacks on your own.

Choose the type

One of the most important aspects is to choose the preferred type of fritters. It is a common belief that green and leafy vegetables have a tendency to promote bacterial growth. So, if you tend to use spinach, coriander or any other leafy vegetable, it’s better to wash them thoroughly. If you have a sensitive stomach, make sure to blanch the leafy vegetables first.

The article ‘Traditional and ayurvedic foods of Indian origin’ by Preetam Sarkar published in The Journal of Ethnic Foods, Science Direct also suggests avoiding fermented food during rainy weather as it has a tendency to make us sick.

Check on the Quantity

It is anyways advisable to keep a check on the quantity of food you intake. If you crave fried food, just keep the quantity in check. Focus on enjoying the taste and experience of the snacks and avoid filling up on the snacks. Remember, you would have to put extra effort to burn those extra calories. If you do not have a workout regimen, it is all the more reason to have smaller quantities. More fat intake means more flab!

Avoid leftover

One of the common-most practices is to have the leftover food. Some people do not even reheat the leftover food properly. When it comes to fried food and snacks, it is highly advisable not to eat the leftovers. Oily food is harder to digest. Moreover, rainy weather has a tendency to make the stomach sensitive. When we eat leftover fried snacks, it has a higher chance to make us sick. Even reheating the snacks might not help. It changes the chemical formation of the food and increases the chances of developing a stomach infection.

Do have a hot beverage

There is a reason why pakoras are always teamed up with tea. Tea or any such hot beverage aids in digesting the fried snacks. A hot drink has a tendency to break down complex food and helps the body to digest them. Make sure that you have hot tea or coffee after you gorge on those fritters!

Some other things to remember:

–        Use good quality cooking oil for frying

–        Make sure that you use fresh ingredients for the batter

–        Do not re-use previously used oil

–        Do not overcook the snacks

–        Take all precautions required for handling hot oil