Heavy jewellery, do you feel the need to wear them? May be not. Some love it, while others are careless about heavy jewellery. And it seems a big ‘No’ for actress Disha Patani, as she says she don’t feel the need to wear heavy jewellery.

All that glitters may be beautiful but not look good on you. Sometimes, the simplest of things can make you look elegant.

“I don’t feel you need to wear too much of anything or heavy jewellery. One bracelet or a ring can make you look elegant,” Disha said, emphasising “everyday jewellery”.

Her fashion choices are simple and the actress prefers the delicate and minimalistic look.

However, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So it seems for the actress as she gushes over it.

“I love diamonds. I would always choose diamonds over gold or silver,” Disha told IANS during her visit to the city for the launch of a boutique.

Well, a simple diamond ring may be all you need to look your elegant best. And no matter what she wears or don’t, the actress does look elegant and gorgeous even with just a ring on her finger!

When it comes to elegance, less is always more. Hence, too much of anything may not be the best fashion choice. Try to keep it simple, yet beautiful. The little you wear can make a pretty huge difference in the way you look.

Now, drop those expensive heavy jewellery. After all, you may not feel the need to wear them.

(With inputs from agencies)