Today, the world is sicker than ever before. Mother Nature provided us with many healthy foods including fruits. But, we the humans made them unhealthy for ourselves due to our greediness. No doubt, they are an incredibly effective way to lose weight and improve health. But, do you know that you are eating a bunch of toxic chemicals and harmful wax coated on them? The problem is that fruits often don’t look attractive in their natural form. The buyers also prefer shiny fruits. So, to give the cosmetic effect manufacturers spray wax on them to earn big money. Sad to say, these wax sprays negate their blissful benefits.

While the fruits our grandparents ate were healthy to eat after a normal wash with water, the stuff most people are eating today is to be treated well before consuming. Wax is so harmful to eat. Mostly, it is petroleum based. Some fruits are coated with the secretion of the female lac beetle too. With wax coating, a layer of pesticides also gets sealed in under its layer. Infants and older people are unable to detoxify these chemicals. The chemicals can also affect a child’s development and brain functioning.

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So, what to do now? Should we go for organic fruits? That’s not the answer. They may also be waxed or they may be too expensive to afford by a common man. The solution lies in few easy tips to wash off chemicals and wax at home. Make fruits 100% healthy to eat in your kitchen.

The easiest way is to peel the outer layer of fruits and then eat them.

You may scrub their outer surface with a clean brush under water.

Squeeze a lemon into a bowl of water. Dip the fruits in it for half an hour swirling them around a bit with hands. Take them out and wash in running tap water. They are now safe to eat.

Add one tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl of water. Soak the fruits in it for few minutes. Swirl them around a bit with hands. Take them out and wash in running water to eat safely.

Boil water. Dip coated hard fruits like an apple in it for five minutes. Rub and take it out. Wash in plain water and eat.

Fruits are favourite across the world. Make sure to check the dangerous coating and remove it before you eat.