When the sun comes out, even in winter season, you need to be extra careful of your exposed skin. The sun radiation has harmful effects on the skin of your hands and feet. Extra exposure to UV rays creates free radicals in the cells of the dermis, damaging them in the long run. They are responsible for tanned complexion, sun-burn and skin cancer.

You are surrounded by UV rays once you are out in the open under the sky irrespective of the season. Only the UV intensity varies. Although it is stronger in summer, it can’t be ignored in winter as well. It is therefore important to protect hands and feet from the harmful rays by taking good care of them.

How to prevent sun-burn

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1 Scrub your hands and feet clean by using loofah at least once a day.

2 Avoid going out in the sun during peak time around 2-3 pm. Still if you have to go out, wear full gloves and socks or cover your hands and feet well.

3 Even though it is winter time, always carry an umbrella or a scarf with you. It will shield your skin from the sun rays.

4 Wear sunscreen on your hands and feet with SPF at least 20+. Apply sunscreen in between toes and fingers properly.

5 Wear shoes which fully cover your feet instead of flip flops or sandals. Wearing full sleeves clothes in cool weather reduces the risk of sun exposure. If you stay longer in the sun, apply sunscreen more frequently, say after every three to four hours. However, sunscreen is not needed on the body parts that are covered and not directly exposed to sun rays.

How to treat sunburn

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1 If you are suffering from sun-tan, follow a pedicure and manicure at least once in a week.

2 Lemon juice helps in skin lightening. After washing your hands and feet, you can apply lemon juice to remove tanning from these areas.

3 Applying home-made paste of gram flour, turmeric powder and curd is also very effective to cure sun-tanning.

4 Mix aloe vera pulp and cucumber juice in equal quantities. Apply on hands and feet every day. Leave for ten minutes and rinse off.

5 Mix two tablespoons raw milk, half cup papaya pulp and two teaspoons honey altogether. Apply the paste on affected areas daily. Rinse off after 15 minutes. Get rid of tanning very quickly and effectively.

Precaution is always better than cure. Take good care of your hands and feet, especially when you are out in the sun. Let them glow and look great.

Enjoy the sun in the winter season to the fullest with these preventive measures and cures, keep the sunburns and suntan at bay.