Debunking cold-weather beauty misconceptions

As the temperature drops, so does the moisture level in the air, making winter a challenging season for our skin. However, navigating the realm of winter skincare requires separating fact from fiction.

5 signs you are dehydrated

Dehydration occurs when our body loses more fluids than it takes in, leading to an imbalance in the body’s electrolytes…

6 beauty looks to avoid in humid conditions

Beauty is an ever-evolving concept that embraces individuality and personal expression. With factors like weather, skin type, hair type, and individual tastes, there are no universal rules for beauty. However, in certain climatic conditions, such as high humidity, some beauty looks may require extra consideration.

Natural herbs for youthful, glowing skin

The ancient knowledge of Ayurveda has reemerged, offering a revitalising and holistic approach to skincare in a world dominated by modern beauty products and invasive surgeries.

Let your skin breathe through the chilly days

The biting-cold weather can be tough on your skin. It can make your skin dry, flaky and cracked and even inflamed. Additionally, to take care of these issues, you apply lotions, creams and sunscreens that can clog the pores of your skin