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Weight loss modes and diet tips?

These days, one just have to type the word weight loss and a Pandora’s box will crack open with the diet tips.

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

No wonder the concept of dietician is becoming as extinct as say a land phone. One just have to type the word weight loss and a Pandora’s box will crack open with the diet tips and “ how to reduce weight” manifestos in multitude.

Often videos are uploaded with dieting tips, weight loss procedures. Drink lemon-honey water in the morning, one website suggested. The other said, drink a branded juice in empty stomach( obviously in the morning).

Another prescription has advised drinking warm water throughout the day. There were instructions to also drink chilled water in the morning, from another source. Ginger tea, cinnamon juice, detox drink, cucumber water are finding place in weight loss formulae.

There were also demand green coffee and eating vegetables raw. In fact, one website suggested, people of a country used to consume certain type of pebble to lose weight.

Thank God, that pebble is obsolete and could not be bought online. By the time one finishes taking all that in, you are left feeling confused if not hungry. It does not stop at that.

Colourism is making a huge comeback these days. Brown rice, brown bread, green coffee… essential elements to lose weight…. Frustrated that I am not following any losing weight procedures. I think a diet is a plan, generally hopeless, for reducing your weight, which tests one’s will power but does little for one’s waistline. I feel a thin person struggling to get out, who can be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake. Yet I feel lighter now. I have become a slimmer person after I tried nearly all weight losing mode and ended up with a stomach upset only to find out- not all the dieting and weight loss drinks but a running abdomen did make me lose weight.