They are cool and trendy. Neutral tone of stones on the neckpiece can turn a trendy statement piece into a timeless classic one, says an expert.

Designer Neha Goel of the label Nepra has come up with a few neck pieces which include the neutral stones in it.

Sharing her view on the same, Goel said in a statement: “I believe in this mantra ‘simple is better’ as it looks elegant and gives a classic feminine look. The neutral tone of the stones on the neck piece turns a trendy statement piece into a timeless classic one. 

“I have used a simple, classic palette of neutral gemstones, and subtle design twists on a choker, also a simple sapphire stone neckpiece which is connected through rings. Neutral stoned pieces are a great option to pick when you have a bold and bright outfit as it complements the colour well. My small ready-to-wear collection is full of pieces you could wear every day."

If you’re seeking a structured design and trend-setting colour, these neckpieces are your perfect pick.