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Things that can keep you away from dengue fever and more

Know all about dengue symptoms, its prevention tips and home remedies to treat the fatal fever.

SNS | New Delhi |

Every monsoon season, waterborne or mosquito-borne diseases return to plague the mass not only in rural or less developed places, but also in big urban areas.This year, while report states that Sri Lanka is facing its worst dengue outbreak with 100,000 cases recorded so far, India too is battling the problem, with 146 chikungunya cases and 87 of dengue reported so far in Delhi alone.

As the problem persists year after year in countries like India and its neighbouring countries, recent reports states the development of an analytical tool that combines Google Search data with government statistics to track dengue. The tool, with near real-time monitoring, could help quicker response to outbreaks, researchers said.

Over 120 countries are hit by dengue. While studies are being carried out and new findings close in to tackle the danger and government bodies take steps to address the fatal issue, one must do one's bit to fight dengue and other mosquito or vector-borne diseases to protect oneself and others. And, there are easy ways and tips to prevent and treat the fatal diseases.

What are the main symptoms of dengue

It is a well-known fact that dengue fever is caused by bites of Aedes mosquito, especially during morning or day time. Once bitten by it, the victim suffers from prolonged high fever, painful headache, rash or tiny red spots all over the body, joint or muscle pain and pain behind the eyes. Hence, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, quickly contact your nearest doctor for proper diagnosis or use home remedies to treat the illness.

How to prevent dengue or chikungunya

1. The most important thing to do is to keep your surrounding clean.

2. Use mosquito repellent in the area you are in or apply mosquito repellent ointment or gel on your body.

3. If you are staying in a mosquito-infested area, cover your hands and legs well.

4. Close the windows and doors in the evenings.

5. Do not leave behind water in open containers

6. Close unused water bodies around the house

7. Do not ignore the symptoms

Home remedies or home cures for dengue fever

Papaya leaves juice: This is a sure shot to treat dengue fever. Crush the leaves and take two tablespoon of the juice twice a day.

Pomegranate juice: This juice can help to produce lymphocytes and strengthen the immune system of the body. Drink this juice twice or thrice a day and feel better day by day.

Carrot, cucumber and lemon juice: The juice of these three veggies help to boost the immune system and fight with the after effects of the disease.

Neem leaves juice: The juice of neem leaves increase white blood cells and blood platelet count in the body. So a person infected with dengue virus should take it twice a day.

Aloe Vera juice: The platelet level goes down in dengue fever. So to increase platelet count, drink aloe vera juice twice a day.

Guava juice: Guava juice mixed with little honey has shown good results to fight the disease. Drink it at least once in a day for fast recovery.

Basil leaves: Chewing basil leaves or drinking their tea has a significant healing effect on dengue patient.

Barley grass juice: Drink barley grass juice to see rapid increase in platelet count. It will help fight the side effects of the disease too.

Gooseberry juice: Daily consumption of gooseberry juice, a rich source of vitamin C, is helpful to cure dengue fever.

Onion salad: Serve onion salad soaked in vinegar for few hours with every meal to the patient.

Goat milk: It is found to help with the digestive and metabolic utilisation of various minerals which are good to fight dengue virus.