After her Covid positive father went missing suspiciously from LLRM Medical College Hospital of Meerut, Shivangi has appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to help her in knowing his whereabouts.

Santosh Kumar (64), who was admitted to the Covid ward of LLRM Medical College on April 21, is now missing. His daughter Shivangi has made an emotional appeal to UP CM requesting him to intervene in the matter as the hospital authorities are clueless about the whereabouts of her father who was seriously ill.

“An inquiry is being conducted in the matter”, said Dr Gyanendra Kumar, principal of LLRM Medical College adding that a sincere probe is being done and we are trying to find out what actually happened. We will share the findings of the probe once it is over, he informed.

In her appeal in a video, Shivangi said that her father Santosh Kumar was admitted to LLRM Medical College at 11.36 am on April 21 after he tested positive. She further said that they were getting a daily update about the condition of her father until May 3. On the morning of May 3, the hospital staff informed her that he is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and his oxygen level is 77.

That was the last when she heard about her father, she said adding that when she called in the evening the hospital staff told her that they have no idea about her father.

Shivangi approached the medical college administration and asked them about her father. She was then taken for a round in the hospital in the Covid ward and other wards but she could not find him.

Shivangi said that the hospital staff claimed before her that Santosh Kumar was mentally disturbed and might have left the hospital on his own when some other patients were discharged.

“How is it possible that a patient goes missing from ICU without the knowledge of hospital staff on duty?” she asked and demanded CCTV footage of the hospital to get a clue about her missing father.

She was denied the same by the hospital administration and the mystery of the disappearance of her seriously ill father from the ICU of LLRM Medical College Hospital remains unresolved.

Finding no respite from anywhere, Shivangi made a heartrending appeal to the CM requesting him to intervene in the matter and help her. With tears in her eyes, Shivangi said that her family is in turmoil. There is no clue of her father while her mother, who is a cancer patient, is also ill.

It is bizarre that a patient goes missing from the ICU of the hospital and the staff knows nothing especially when there is an acute crisis of Covid beds, she quipped.

Shivangi informed that she has also approached the Addl District Magistrate (ADM) and requested him for help.