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UP to promote and process millet cultivation

Millet contribute to a balanced diet as well as a safe environment.

SNS | Lucknow |

The UP Cabinet has approved the proposal to launch the ‘Uttar Pradesh Millets Revival Program’ to promote the cultivation, processing and consumption of millet in the State.

To be known as the Uttar Pradesh Millets Revival Program (Uttar Pradesh Millets Revival Program-UPMRP), it is proposed to be implemented from the year 2022-23 (January 01, 2023) to the year 2026-27.

The decision was taken in the cabinet meeting here on Saturday night. In this period of 5 years of program implementation, an estimated expenditure of Rs 18626.50 lakh has been estimated, which will be borne by the state government while approving the new scheme.

The Centre, however, has decided to celebrate the year 2023 as the International Year of Millet to make people aware of the consumption of millet for food and nutritional security.

Millet provide an alternative food system to meet the growing demand for vegetarian foods. Millets contribute to a balanced diet as well as a safe environment.

Further, the Cabinet has given permission to the proposal to operate the Trained Agricultural Entrepreneur Swavalamban (Agrijunction) scheme operated in the state for the next 5 years.

With the objective of increasing employment generation in the agriculture sector by using the services of trained youth in the agriculture sector for the benefit of the farmers, the Uttar Pradesh government has implemented the ‘Trained Agricultural Entrepreneur Swavalamban (Agrijunction) Scheme’ from the year 2015-16.

The objective of this program is to make all the facilities available to the farmers for their crop products through ‘One Stop Shop’ under the banner of Krishi Kendra (Agrijunction).  From the year 2015-16, till the year 2021-22, a total of 4,311 agreement centers have been set up in the state.

In the next phase of implementation of this scheme, a target is proposed to set up a total of 10,000 agreement centers in the next 05 years (2022-23 to 2026-27).

The Council of Ministers has approved the proposal of PLEDGE (Promoting Leadership and Enterprise for Development of Growth Engines), a plan for the development of private industrial parks, to ensure the need for industrial land.

Amendments can be done at any point of the scheme as per the need with the approval of the Chief Minister.

After agriculture, maximum employment is generated by the units of MSME.  Presently there are about 95 lakh such MSME units in the state, which will be further increased in the interest of the state.

Under the scheme, private promoters will make the proposal to develop industrial park on land ranging from 10 acres to 50 acres, along with land ownership documents and estimation, available to the District Industry and Enterprise Promotion Center.