Following the Covid vaccination of health and frontline workers and poll personnel, the district health department has now decided to start vaccination among the general public in South Dinajpur from tomorrow. However, only people over the age of 60 and over 45 with comorbidities will be inoculated during this phase, officials said. According to a survey conducted by the health department, the number of such people in the district is about three and a half lakh.

The vaccination process was stopped for two days as the Co-Win App waited updates, and a new version of Co-Win will be launched tomorrow. “The online registration for the new phase of vaccination will start tomorrow,” an official said today.

According to health officials, as cases of coronavirus infection are on the rise in different parts of the country, the health department does not want any delay in inoculating the general public.

“Health workers in the district have already been conducting door-to-door surveys to compile a list of those who need the vaccine immediately. The list of people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure or various other diseases has also been prepared. The list of those over 60 years of age is complete. After verifying the list, work on uploading the names will begin,” a health department source said.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the process to vaccinate health and other frontline workers is yet to complete in South Dinajpur. “Sixteen percent of Anganwari workers and health workers in the district are yet to be inoculated as part of the first phase. Also, out of the around 13,000 polling personnel in the district, only 4,000 have been vaccinated so far,” an official said.

It is further learnt that the District Health Department has set a target of completing the first round of immunization of these workers by 6 March.

“People over 60 will need an identity card (Aadhaar card) and a mobile number to upload the names in the Co-Win App. However, people above the age of 45 who have comorbidities will need identity cards, mobile number as well as a doctor’s prescription. They can upload their names from home or at an immunization centre. Self-registration can be done in the Co-Win App also,” a health office source said.

“It has been decided that all people above the age of 60 will be given vaccines free of cost,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Sukumar Dey said.