Shiv Sena workers in Goa on Wednesday burnt the national flag of Pakistan condemning the militant attack in Uri that left 18 jawans dead.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Lok Sabha elections was harping on national security as one of his main issues.

But looking at the ground reality, Modi seems to have failed to address this crucial issue," Goa Shiv Sena Chief Sudip Tamankar said addressing protesters at Azad Maidan here, after burning the flag.

"The militants are getting emboldened with every passing day, which is reflected through attacks on military bases like Pathankot and Uri. We find the country is not safe in the hands of Modi," Tamankar said.

Attacking Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, Tamankar demanded that the Centre strip him (Parrikar) off from the portfolio for his "inefficiency" in handling it.

Goa Shiv Sena chief said since Parrikar is more interested in upcoming Goa elections, he should be sent back to the party organisation for poll-campaigning rather than allowing him to handle such important portfolio.

Tamankar recalled that during 2012 Goa polls, Parrikar had assured the electorate that he will act against corrupt politicians who had looted Goa.

"But during his tenure as a Chief Minister, he failed to take action against even one corrupt politician, he added.