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PM Modi calls Chandrababu Naidu ‘U-turn Babu’, takes jibe at KCR over astrology

Prime Minister Narendra Modi assailed the state governments led by their respective Chief Ministers over a host of issues.

SNS | New Delhi |

In his first public meetings in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana since the announcement of the election dates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assailed the state governments led by their respective Chief Ministers over a host of issues.

Addressing a rally in Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, the PM said that while he approved a series of developmental projects for the state, the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s government continued to indulge in corruption.

“It’s said here there no scams in the schemes, the schemes are made to commit corruption,” the PM said, adding, “People of Andhra know whose safes are being stashed with the ill-gotten money from these scams.”

The PM said that Naidu broke away from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) when he was asked to give an account of the projects and joined hands with those who ride “bail” – a term the BJP uses to hit at the top Congress leadership.

“When we raised question on the corruption, the ‘U-turn Babu’ (Naidu) snapped ties with NDA. Now this babu has allied with people who ride ‘bail’ gaadi,” Modi said.

The PM also took a jibe at Naidu over the latter’s attempts at making his son, Lokesh, a prominent face of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

“With your vote, two important things will be done on 11 April 2019. There is ‘Sun’ and ‘Son’. On that day, there will be ‘sun’ rise of Andhra Pradesh and ‘son’ set of corruption. For the ‘sun’ rise of Andhra Pradesh there should be ‘son’ set,” the PM said referring Lokesh as the ‘son’.

Besides the Lok Sabha, Andhra Pradesh will also vote for the state assembly. Both the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the state will be held on 11 April.

The PM further said that it was he who gave the green signal to a slew of projects such as Polavaram ordinance, first central university in Anantpur, HQ of south coast Railway, first IIT, NIIT, IIM, Indian institute of Packaging, Greenfield petrochemical complex, National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and Vizag-Chennai industrial corridor.

“Possibly, I could’ve done much for Andhra Pradesh. However, the state government didn’t cooperate and it appears that they have no intention for the development of the state,” he said, adding that while the Centre has released Rs 7,000 crore for the Polavaram Dam, the state government keeps increasing its cost.

“This has led to shortage of water and lack of establishment of industries,” the PM said.

Before attacking Naidu in his own state, the PM targeted Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at a rally in Mahbubnagar.

Taking a swipe at KCR for his extremely strong belief in astrology.

“He took three months to form the government. Perhaps astrologers had advised him for early elections. Were the same astrologers also responsible for stalling the formation of the cabinet?” the PM said at the rally.

“At the suggestions of an astrologer, no work was done in the state. If the state elections were held with general elections, it would’ve spared the state from extra burden that the state has to now bear,” the PM said, adding that KCR’s Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) knew that they won’t win if both elections are held together.

“Who is going to decide the fate of the state? The people of Telangana or an astrologer,” the PM remarked.

Calling KCR “a face of dynastic and appeasement politics”, the PM said that the TRS’ alliance with the AIMIM is for their own good and not for the welfare of the people.

Elections on all 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana will be held on 11 April.