A strong pitch was made today for having Presidential system in India instead of Parliamentary set-up, which has shown "severe flaws" over 65 years of governance, especially in decision-making, affecting progress.

"The idea (of having Presidential set up) is worth discussing. There are severe flaws with the Parliamentary system," Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said, noting that the focus in Parliamentary setup has been more on saving power, especially in cases of coalition government.

Tharoor made the statement during a function where a book ‘Why India Needs a Presidential System’, authored by founder of Hindi daily Divya Himachal Bhanu Dhamija, was released here.

He rued that elections are contested with a focus on becoming a Minister and felt the Presidential system would be more stable. He suggested that like President, the idea of having directly elected chief executive at state and mayors at city levels be considered.

Tharoor observed that in a Presidential set-up, leaders from smaller states can stand a chance to lead a nation vis-a-vis Parliamentary set-up, which may produce a top leader like a prime minister from a politically-strong state. He also cited example of Uttar Pradesh which has produced more prime ministers than any other state.

Tharoor though maintained the powers of President should be balanced and fundamental rights of citizens be ensured.