Narayan Datt Tiwari, the former Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Chief Minister, passed away at Max Hospital in Saket, New Delhi on Thursday, which happened to be his 93rd birthday.

Tiwari had been unwell for a long time and was admitted to Max Hospital in Saket on September 20 last year after suffering a brain stroke.

One of the most prominent leaders of the Congress, Tiwari held many important portfolios throughout his career. He is the only Indian to have served as chief minister of two states.

He served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from 1976-77, 1984-85, and 1988-89 and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand from 2002-2007. He also served in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet as the Minister for External Affairs from 1986-1987.

While he was the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister for the second time (1984), he played a major role in Congress’s victory in the state elections held after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Tiwari also served as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh from 2007 to 2009 but had to resign after a sting operation allegedly showed him in a compromising position with three women at the Raj Bhavan.

He had been suffering from several ailments including kidney infection and low blood pressure and had suffered brain stroke in September last year.