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My teaching making mass impact on common Chinese: Dalai Lama

PTI | Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) |

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Monday refuted claims that his preaching has not had any impact in China and said its "mass impact" was evident from the fact that 400 million people have adopted Buddhism in that country.

"Adopting of Buddhism by 400 million in China is a witness that my preaching is making mass impact on common Chinese," the Dalai Lama told reporters at Karshni Ashram Raman Reti here.

He said the majority of people in China is using internet to access his discourse.

He also stressed the need for better understanding between India and China for economic growth.

Stressing the need for propagation of love, he said, "All religions have stressed the need to increase love and tolerance…Unity in the society is necessary and for this, awakening of the feelings is important." 

He attributed most of the problems like global warming, terrorism, etc. to the narrow outlook of the people.

"Except (the Donald) Trump administration (in the US)," he said, "almost the rest of the world is desisting from arms race after the mass devastation of the Second World War." 

For attaining peace, he stressed the need for reducing fear, frustration and anger as without inner peace of human being, world peace would remain a dream.

To a question, the Dalai Lama said that in the political arena of the world there has been a lot of changes and during last two years India has emerged as a great country.

He said he failed to understand why China objected to his visit to Arunanchal Pradesh as the purpose of his visit was spiritual preaching.