Buddhism bonus

As part of its soft power projection, the government is working to a strategy which invokes Buddhism, sometimes referred to as the country’s most significant export.

Bengal and Japan ~ I

Swami Vivekananda‘s first-hand reports about Japan through his letters, lectures, etc. had only one message for the young students of India ‘Look East‘, go to Japan and learn from them about the development strategy of the Meiji Government and how they implemented their plans.

1,000-yr-old Buddhist statues restored in China

During the restoration in 1982, one clay statue was found to have a human-like abdomen, with the viscera made of silk, said Wang Tingqi, deputy director of the Shandong provincial bureau of culture and tourism.

Indic voice

An Indian representative, for perhaps the first time from a global platform, queried this selectivity in a sober, historically accurate and effective manner.

Past Lives & Future~I

The three-dimensional Life Book is an important and effective instrument whereby the souls can revisit their past lives or plan their future lives by considering various alternatives and options. The proposed future life or lived past life is often created or recreated out of extant atmospheric energy particles with varying alternatives before taking a final call.