Madhya Pradesh: Shipra recedes in Ujjain but temples on riverbanks still half-submerged

The Shipra river receded in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district on Monday but the temples located near its banks were still half-submerged in water.

A priest Deva Shankar Joshi told ANI, “The water level has reduced today and some visitors can take a bath towards Gayatri Temple here. The water level has almost reduced to half compared to yesterday.”

There is a lot of water and mud at the Ramghat currently, cleaning will be done. The water level is likely to reduce more by the afternoon, the priest added.


Meanwhile, a local, Narendra Prajapati said that the Shipra river was in spate for three days and its water level reduced after 4:00 am on Monday. The Prajapati Dharamshala, which is situated at Ram Ghat, was completely submerged and about 12 feet of water had accumulated here.

Notably, several temples situated near Ram Ghat here were completely submerged on Sunday. The district administration was also on alert mode and made necessary arrangements for the safety of the people. The administration had also urged the residents to avoid visiting waterlogged spots in the district.