The Uttar Pradesh government is set to go tech-savvy as the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday has decided to give its Cabinet Ministers and the MLAs iPads and tablets for work.

The decision came during a meeting when the chief minister advised the legislators and minister to make maximum use of gadgets for their work.

“The functioning of the state government will soon be paperless. It will start with the Cabinet. The next cabinet meeting will be completely paperless. This will speed up work and reduce paper consumption,” Adityanath said during the meeting.

As per the sources, training sessions would also be conducted for the legislators and ministers to make them friendly with the use of iPads and tablets for the communication process, as the government is planning to adopt the practice sending letters and messages through them only.

This is not the first instance that the chief minister has taken a step in this direction as he is reportedly already monitoring the progress of the various government schemes online through his ‘Darpan’ dashboard.

Adityanath will be seen using technology extensively from delivering speeches to e-office. As per the sources, a new desktop and iPad have been ordered for the CM.

Chief Minister monitors various important schemes, projects and services of the state government like Nivesh Mitra Portal etc., through the ‘Darpan’ dashboard itself, sources said.

Yogi Adityanath has been seen using iPad multiple times while delivering his speeches unlike a common practice by other leaders of using paper sheets to read out their speeches.

Through the practice of going online for different works of the government, the objective of the Yogi government is said to be to curb corruption.