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‘Indian seers have altered the course of history’

SNS | New Delhi |

Acknowledging the immense contribution of saints and seers towards India’s social reform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday credited them for integrating the society.

Addressing the 7-day session of Sri Ramakrishna Vachanamrita Satram, Tiruvalla through video conferencing, Modi stressed that India was a land blessed with a rich cultural and intellectual milieu. 

“Our saints did things that may seem seemingly small but the impact was very big and this altered the course of our history… They integrated each and every citizen in their quest for social reform. Nobody was left outside the ambit,” the PM said.

Noting that a false perception was created about India that it needed social, political and economic reform initiated by outsiders, Modi said, “change has always originated” from India’s soil.

“And whenever the history of human civilization entered into the era of knowledge, it is India that has always shown the way,” he said.

“Our land is home to writers, scholars, saints and seers who have expressed themselves freely and fearlessly,” he added.