Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said India and the US were working together for the “future interests of Asia” as well as “mankind”.

Holding bilateral talks with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Manila, Modi said India will work hard to fulfill the expectations that the world has from her.

“There are many areas where we are working together and our relations are strengthening rapidly. India and US will work together for the benefit of entire Asia and mankind,” Modi said.

“In the past few days wherever President Trump has travelled, he has expressed high opinion about India and I would like to assure you that whatever expectations the US and world has from India, we will work hard to fulfill them,” he added.

Calling Modi a good friend, Trump said the prime minister was doing a fantastic job in bringing together different factions in India.

As per reports, both the leaders held talks on a range of issues including terror and trade.

PM Modi arrived in Manila on Sunday for the 15th India-Asean Summit, the 12th East Asia Summit and his bilateral meeting with President Rodrigo Dutertethe.

This year marks the 25th year of the India-Asean dialogue partnership and the golden jubilee of the formation of the Asean regional bloc.

Modi is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte as well and more such meetings with visiting leaders are being arranged on the sidelines of the summits.