MP and National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that a ‘truth and reconciliation process’ would be initiated to probe killings in Kashmir if his party comes to power with its own majority in the upcoming assembly elections.

He also said that the NC will not support the ongoing “Operation All-Out” of the Army against militants in Kashmir.

Speaking to media persons on sidelines of a party function in Anantnag, Abdullah, who represents the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency, said his son and NC vice-president Omar Abdullah has already demanded a ‘truth and reconciliation commission’.

“We hope that our party comes into power with strength and we don’t have to stand on crutches (referring to coalition). This probe will be announced on the very first day when the NC government takes over,” he said.

“The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will see to it that the results are brought before the people not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in rest of the world”, Abdullah added.

“How can we support suppression? It is not a question of ‘all out’. We don’t want our people to suffer and be beaten in their homes. That has never been part of NC’s policy,” he said when asked whether his party will support ‘Operation All-out’.

He said that his party was not going to support any violence or violation of human rights.

“Everyone is free, we live in a free country and therefore we as a government we will have to see that freedom of people is not curbed,” said Abdullah.