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Dubai security head calls Pakistani criminals, praises Indians

SNS | New Delhi |

A senior Dubai police official launched a tirade of insults against Pakistanis by calling them ‘criminals’ and ‘smugglers’, while praising Indians for their “discipline”.

Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, who is a Lieutenant General and is the Head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai, in a series of tweets lambasted the Pakistani community after Dubai authorities arrested three Pakistani nationals for smuggling drugs.

Khalfan tweeted a photo of the arrested individuals with a comment that Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf societies because they bring drugs to our countries. (Translated using Google)

The a series post, dating 1 April, Khalfan heavily criticised the Pakistani nationals in UAE, however went on to praise the Indian community for showing disciplined.

Khalfan in a tweet wondered, why are Indians disciplined? while sedition, criminality and smuggling in the Pakistani community is rampant. (Translated using Google)

He went on to add that Pakistanis pose a danger to gulf societies as a result of the drugs they bring in to our countries. We must impose strict procedures at the entrances [of our countries]. (Translated using Google)

While emphasizing the country’s policy in restricting visas to Bangladeshi nationals, Khalfan in a tweet said that Pakistanis must be placed under an increased level of inspection. (Translated using Google)

Khalfan also said that Pakistani gangs can promote drugs in the Gulf.(Translated using Google)

He also said that “denying employment to Pakistani nationals should be our national duty”. (Translated using Google)

The senior Dubai Police official is not new to making controversial statements. In February 2017, Khalfan had praised United States President Donald Trump’s ban on individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Later that month, he had tweeted a ‘Swedish proverb’ about rape — When a woman says no, she usually means yes.

As per media report, in October 2017, he wrote about the 2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis, saying the blockade on the country will end if it surrenders the 2022 World Cup. The message appeared to imply that the Saudi-led blockade was only enacted due to Qatar hosting the world’s biggest football event.