The Mohtamim of Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom of Deoband Maulana Mufti Abdul Kasim has appealed to Ulemas and Muslim clerics not to participate in debates on television channels on triple talaq, multi marriages, common civil code and other issues related to Muslims and called these debates an "unholy attempt" under the 'Shariyat' provisions.

Darul-Uloom of Deoband is one of the biggest Islamic Seminary of the World known for its fatwas. Its head, the Mohtamim is an authority and any words coming from him are expected to have a marked influence on Muslim Clerics.

Maulana Abdul Kasim issued a statement for Muslim clerics, Ulemas and Maulanas, in which he made a strong appeal, advising them not to make any appearance in TV debates whose topics are related to Muslims and their family issues. He said that an environment of confusion has been created due to the negative agenda of the national media and the attitude of courts as well as the government on Muslims, specially triple talaq and common civil code.

Besides being on the target of the government, the issues of Common Civil Code and triple talaq are already in the court of law. Yet such important religious issues related to Islam are being picked up by the media, especially, the news channels as topics of debate these days, said the Maulana.

"The only purpose of these debates is to make an unholy attempt to interfere in the undisputed decisions of the Shariyat and to have a bad influence on the common people. Such debates are never joined by strong Ulemas and neither should not participate. But some people representing Muslims portray a wrong picture in these debates and give a wrongful description of the Shariyat," the Maulana said.

The Maulana further advised that people who want to gain knowledge on issues related to Islam should =contact Madrasas across the country and the Darul–Ifta.