unreliable and error-prone, ought to be consigned to dustbin: Congress
press trust of india
New Delhi/Bhopal, 5 December
Exit polls that predicted a strong showing for the BJP in four states in yesterday’s crucial Assembly polls were today rubbished by the Congress as one which has “no meaning” while the saffron party said it appears to be “completely demoralised”.
AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh refused to accept either the merit of the exit polls or the contention that the results of the Assembly polls prove BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s rise in the next Lok Sabha polls.
“There is no meaning in such exit poll results and they deserve to be consigned to dustbin,” he told reporters.
Mr Digvijay Singh’s son Jaiwardhan said exit polls are unreliable and are error-prone. The BJP said the Congress is demoralised at the prospect of losing the Assembly polls and may fail to respond to this crisis as it continues to be dependent on one dynasty for its survival. “The Congress appears to be completely demoralised…If this is the demoralisation that the exit polls give to the Congress, I wonder what would happen when the actual results come in,” Mr Jaitley said. Counting of votes will be taken up on Sunday.
“Unless the Congress responds to this reality, it will never find the correct answers. The relevance of charisma of a dynasty is never a long term answer in politics. When the political parties become a crowd around a family, the strength of the party becomes synonymous with the capacity of that family,” Jaitley said.
Noting that the Congress has become a dynastic party, he said if the dynasty cannot deliver, the party fails.
“Observing this party closely, I have no doubt that they will not ask the right questions. Unless they ask the right questions, they will not get the right answers. I will not be surprised, considering the traditional thinking of the Congress, if their solution to the problem is ‘if one member of the family fails, let us try another’,” Jaitley said.
Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said she neither believes in exit polls nor agrees with projections made about her losing power.
“I don’t believe in exit polls and I don’t believe in your projections (made by TV channels,” she said, adding, “ I am relaxed”.