CBSE 2019 examinations: Central Board of Secondary Education has said that the Class 12 practical examinations will be held in January and February 2019. CBSE has released a notification on the official website informing the dates of practical examinations.

For 2019 examination, the practical examinations will starts from January 16, 2019. The examinations will conclude on February 15, 2019 except in the city of Allahabad. Because of Kumbh mela celebrations, the examinations in Allahabad will start from January 1, 2019.

“As examination in skill-based subjects and few other academic subjects which are being opted by a small number of students will commence from later half of February 2019, practical examination in all such subjects should be completed within the first half of February 2019”-according to the official notice.

The Board has also instructed the schools to conduct the practical examinations in two sessions in a day if the number of candidates is more than 20.

According to the official notice, the marks should be uploaded on the date of examination from the school where the practical examination will be conducted by the external examiner.

For more information, the candidates should check the official notice here.