In a pre-decided move, the senior BJP leader Vijay Goel violated the Delhi government’s odd-even scheme to curb pollution in the city on Monday by travelling in his odd-numbered car along with Delhi BJP in-charge Shyam Jaju.

In a tweet, Goel had informed the time of him leaving for ITO along with Shyam Jaju to oppose the odd-even scheme. He also termed the scheme as ‘OddEvenNatak’ in a hash tag on Twitter.

He further said in a tweet that, “Vehicles contribute to 28 per cent of pollution levels in Delhi, in which cars contribute only 3 per cent. This comes to cars contributing 0.84 per cent to total Delhi pollution which means this Odd-Even is leaving 99.58 per cent causative agents of Delhi pollution untouched. #OddEvenNatak.”

While addressing media after he violated the Odd Even scheme, Goel said, “Odd-Even can only curb pollution by 1-2 per cent, if at all. All the claims of curbing pollution are baseless. Declaring fine is not an achievement. No one is following your diktat. Construction is taking place all over.”

“Whatever little has been achieved is by construction of Easter-Western peripheral expressway. They were supposed to plant 1.5 lakh plants. they haven’t planted any. For five years, you will not do anything and then wake up and delare Odd-Even?” Goel added while lauding central government’s efforts to curb pollution.

Goel also termed the scheme as a political gimmick. He said in a tweet that the last edition of the scheme wasted Rs 20 crore of citizens hard earned money, while Rs 35 crore through this edition.

Vijay Goel drove a special car with ‘odd number’ to ITO in protest of the Odd-Even scheme. The car was painted in saffron with messages opposing the scheme was written on it.

Vijay Goel had earlier tweeted two photographs in his tweet where in one of the photographs, he was appearing wearing mask while driving the car. The tweet was later taken down by him after he was trolled for opposing Kejriwal’s scheme to curb pollution by himself wearing a mask.

In a deleted tweet, Goel appears wearing mask while driving the car. (Photo: Twitter/@VijayGoelBJP)


The third edition of the Kejriwal government’s signature scheme to curb pollution in the city started from today. The scheme will remain in force till November 15 from 8 am to 8 pm, except Sunday. Violation of the scheme will attract a penalty of Rs 4000, which is double to last edition’s fine of Rs 2000.