Rahul Gandhi is like Bin Laden, says Bihar BJP chief

The leader of the saffron party also attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, saying his mental health resembles that of a character in film.

Rahul Gandhi is like Bin Laden, says Bihar BJP chief

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi [File Photo]

Bihar BJP chief Samrat Chaudhary once again made a direct personal attack on senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday while speaking in the Araria district.

Addressing a rally, part of the saffron party’s month-long mass contact programme, the leader compared Rahul Gandhi to slain Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, stating that by growing a beard, one cannot become the prime minister of a country.

 “I still consider him (read Rahul Gandhi) a 50-year-old child in politics. We cannot do anything if a 50-yearold is ignorant about politics,” he said.


What’s more intriguing is that Chaudhary said his (Rahul’s) sister (Priyanka Gandhi) is not ready to contest election which, he said, has become a matter of debate between the brother and the sister.

Chaudhary’s comment came months after Rahul Gandhi, during his “Bharat Jodi Yatra”, sported a long beard, which he later trimmed after the completion of Yatra.

Chaudhary is not alone to make such bizarre comments on rival party leaders. Nearly six months ago, Assam CM Hemant Biswa Sarma had compared Rahul Gandhi with Iraqi dictator Saddam Husain for his beard. “If Rahul Gandhi sits close to Saddam he resembles him,” he had said.

The Bihar BJP chief won’t even spare Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. He compared the mental state of CM Nitish with that of a character in Amir Khan-starrer Bollywood film ‘Gajani’.

“Nitish Kumar’s mental state resembled the character of Amir Khan in the film Ghajini,” he said, adding “On several occasions, his habit of forgetting things, even his own portfolio as the cabinet minister has come to the fore,” he said.

His (Nitshi’s) dream of becoming PM is haunting him, he added.

On previous occasions, he made scathing attacks on Nitish Kumar saying he should retire now and take a “political sanyas” in his village in Nalanda. He also questioned the authenticity of his engineering degree in the backdrop of the collapse of the River Bridge in Ganga recently.

Quoting a line from a song of the Hindi blockbuster ‘Dangal’, he said, “Woh Bihar ke liye hanikarak hein” (He has become injurious to Bihar).

Sharply reacting to Chaudhary’s remarks on the two leaders, RJD national spokesman and Rajya Sabha member Manoj Jha asked, “Crores of citizens in the country keep beard. Are they all terrorists? He wants to be in the limelight by saying all these irrelevant things.”

The Bihar state spokesman of the Congress Asitnath Tiwary said Samrat Chaudhary has lost his mental balance. “He should be treated at the best possible place,” he added.