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Bal Sekhar appointed secy gen of Lok Sabha

Statesman News Service |

New Delhi, 2 September
The outgoing Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, Mr TK Viswanatham, relinquished office on 31 August at the end of his contractual term and in his place Mr S Bal Sekhar, secretary in the Lok Sabha secretariat, will be performing the duties of the secretary general “for the time being.”
This was announced by the Speaker, Mrs Meira Kumar, as the House assembled for the day today with Mr Bal Sekhar occupying the chair of the Secretary General. She praised Mr Viswanathan, saying that he had “thorough knowledge of constitutional matters which helped the presiding officer and the panel of chairmen in smooth conduct of the proceedings of the House”. She also appointed him as honorary officer of the House “in recognition of his services”.
Mr Bal Sekhar, who took temporary charge, is an experienced and able hand, having full knowledge of the nitty-gritty of running the House. Born in Salem, Tamil Nadu, he has been serving the Lok Sabha Secretariat in various capacities. Earlier, he was appointed Additional Secretary coordinating the Joint Parliamentary Committee on 2G spectrum allocation.
He is due to retire from service at the end of September. However, if he is confirmed in the post of Secretary General before the end of this month, he will get a two-year term as is customary. The Secretary General is appointed by the Speaker in consultation with the PM and Leader of the Opposition and is generally chosen from the Lok Sabha Secretariat.