Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday took a swipe at the government over 3.64 crore people reportedly becoming unemployed in the last five years, saying this is the reason why the Modi dispensation shies away from talking about jobs.

Her attack on the BJP led central government came over a media report which claimed that in the last five years, 3.64 crore people became unemployed in the top seven sectors.

Priyanka Gandhi took to Twitter and said in (Hindi), “This is the reality of all the big promises about giving jobs. Around three and a half crore people have become unemployed in seven major sectors of the country.”

“3 crore 64 lakh unemployed people are the result of big names and advertisements. That is why the government shies away from talking about jobs,” the Congress general secretary said.

On the occasion of Republic Day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also hit out at the government on Sunday saying that in the absence of employment, opportunities cannot be made available for the youth to fulfil their dreams.
How can the Republic be strong in such a scenario, he had asked.

Earlier too, on several occasions she had hit out at the Narendra Modi-led centre government over recent economic slump. On January 9, she accused the centre saying the matter of improving economy was put in ‘cold storage’.   on the economic growth estimates.

Taking it to Twitter, she posted a series of tweets accusing the government of failing to curb the downfall of economy. “The BJP government should have given maximum attention to the economy, but now the matter of improving the economy has been put in cold storage. Estimates of GDP growth show that the situation is not good. The biggest impact of this is on trade, the poor, daily wage labourers and employment,” she said attaching a news report which compared the economic growth of the country yearly.

“And the government has not taken any concrete steps towards these,” she added.

It is to be noted that the government had recently said that the growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) during 2019-20 was estimated at 5 per cent as compared to the growth rate of 6.8 per cent in 2018-19.

The figure shows a massive drop in growth rates following declaration in key sectors of industry and core sectors and now presage an 11-year drop in GDP growth.

“The real GDP or GDP at constant prices (2011-12) in the year 2019-20 is likely to attain a level of Rs 147.79 lakh crore, as against the Provisional Estimate of GDP for the year 2018-19 of Rs 140.78 lakh crore, released on 31st May 2019. The growth in real GDP during 2019-20 is estimated at 5 per cent as compared to the growth rate of 6.8 per cent in 2018-19,” the Statistics & Programme Implementation Ministry said.

The National Statistical Office (NSO) released the first advance estimates of national income at both constant (2011-12) and current prices, for the financial year 2019-20, along with the corresponding estimates of expenditure components of the GDP.