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Temples of spirit

Kunal Roy |

The Russian Embassy in India, the International Roerich Memorial Trust (IRMT), based in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, and independent non-commercial organisation ~ St Petersburg Center of Humanitarian Programmes, from St Petersburg, are presenting the closing show of the International Open Air Exhibition project titled “Art expedition-2018:The Himalayas”. The exhibition is being held at the India International Center and will be open to public till 15 May.

The exhibition features paintings and graphics created at the memorial estate of the Roerichs in the framework of the “Art expedition: The Himalayas” project held in April. For the first time in the history of the IRMT, 15 Russian artists had the opportunity to stay and work at the estate of the world famous painter, philosopher and social figure N K Roerich. The main events were dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Roerichs’ arrival to Naggar. During a little less than 20 days of fruitful open air work, the artists have managed to create more than a 100 paintings, a third of which are on display at this exhibition.

Almost all the works depict major historical and architectural sites as well as places of natural beauty of the Himalayas, which are related to the creative work of the Roerichs, and appear as magnetic places of spiritual strength and world-renowned cultural objects. The Russia-related part of the exhibition reflects the plain and austere beauty of Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries, unassuming lyricism of Russian nature with delicate and heartfelt images of the Russian plains that reflect the connection between the vast expanses and deep roots of the Russian spirit.

According to the behest of painter and philosopher N K Roerich, the exhibition seeks to warn humanity against the barbaric negligence of the environment and the dilapidated conditions of cultural objects. The exhibition also focuses on the daily necessity of attending to the spiritual health of each individual and to strengthen the moral and ethical foundations of society in general, regardless of confessional or political background. A man builds the temples of spirit and it is his duty to protect them.

The exhibition features works by painters including Alexander Goryachev, Anna Mikhailova, EvgeniyaTarasova, Irina Eroshkina, Kirill Borodin, Lidia Kolobova, Nandkishor  Sharma, Natalia  Bogushevich, Natalia Zaitceva-Borisova, Olga Goncharenko, Pavel Zelenetskiy, Roman Tretiakov, ZinaidaVedeshina, Alexander Aleksandrovsky, Alexey Avdeev, Alexey Pleshko, Alexexy Shvetsov, Andrey Bliok, Anna Plyaskina, Dmitriy Vagin, Julia Aksenova, Irina Iva, Iliya Izyumov, Natalia Barinova, Olga Fedorova, Vasily Ptyukhin, Vera Belih, VIadimir Ariskin, Vladimir Chudnov, Vladimir Lystrovoy and Zhanna Vorobyova.