Under the initiative of ArtBAB (Art Bahrain Across Borders), five renowned Bahraini artists showcased their creativity at the recently-held India Art Fair 2018. Balqees Fakhro, Hamed Al Bosta, Lulwa Al Khalifa, Mayasa Al Sowaidi and Omar Al Rashid, during their visit to India, enthralled the country’s art aficionados and  others with the display of their abstract style artworks during the exhibition.

ArtBAB is a significant arts venture designed to showcase the Kingdom of Bahrain’s rich creative talent to international audience and promote cross-cultural dialogue, broaden artists’ horizons and introduce art collectors and enthusiasts across the world to the talents and vision of Bahraini artists.

Among the major highlights were artist Balqees’ paintings, which revolved around the themes of belonging and memories of places. Her monochromatic colour scheme gave her paintings a dream-like quality and a sense of mystery. Hamed’s style passes through the impressionist approach. Nature being his main inspiration, he lay emphasis on his reading in philosophy and culture that reflects in his works.

Artist Al-Khalifa’s work was characterised by bold and vibrant colours, which brought her paintings alive. She has also exhibited her work in London, New York, Miami, Amman, New Delhi and Mumbai among other places. Characterised by distinct shapes and impressions, self-taught artist Mayasa’s work embodied elegance and grace, which are both subtle and bold. Her creations reflected her experience as both a writer and a mixed-media artist.

She is a member of the Bahrain Art Society and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Dubai and Oman. Omar Al Rashid’s colours and textures were deeply inspired by the heritage, history and traditions of his homeland. His paintings combine interwoven patches of colours in a manner reminiscent of collages.  The first two editions of ArtBAB International Art Fair drew huge participation from leading artists from across the world .

The third edition is scheduled to be organised on 14-18 March in Bahrain.