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Cancer Day: Spread the good word and save lives

SNS | New Delhi |

Hectic routine and busy life affect the modern day lifestyle, pushing back healthy ways of life in the back seat. All of this cause many health problems that could lead to cancer – a life-threatening disease, which incidence is increasing in both underdeveloped and developing countries are yet not talked about openly. The bitter and painful experience of it can leave a void that can never be filled. So make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent cancer.

Like they say ‘prevention is better than cure’, little changes made can save all that trauma and pain one goes through. Ignoring the signs in the initial phase can take a toll on the life of a person and the people around him or her. Hence, it is important to take health examinations on a regular basis.

While there are many things to do, cutting down on tobacco consumption to eventually quit is important for reducing the chances to be affected by cancer.

Vaccinations are important and must not be missed. WHO recommends anti-cancer causing infection vaccinations. Also, get vaccinated for Hepatitis B and Human papillomavirus (HPV).

Those who like to live a carefree life and face the sun in all its glory must avoid a longer contact with strong sunlight as it may affect your skin and become a reason for skin cancer. Avoid midday sun as the rays are the strongest then. Sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat help if you are outdoors. Using a sunscreen lotion with high SPF can help you step out in sun. Avoid tanning beds and sunlamps. They are just as damaging as natural sunlight.

Eating healthy is a magical potion to keep you protected from all kinds of diseases. Eating fruits and fresh vegetables, maintaining healthy body weight, fighting obesity and proper medical care will lead you to a blissful healthy life.

Those who enjoy drinking must consider cutting down on the consumption of alcohol and do so only in moderation. Avoiding processed meat can also reduce the risk of cancer. Daily physical activities can be a great savior. Being physically fit is the best way to stay healthy.

Above all, think about all the good things you can do, all the good food to take and the bad to quit. Take a vow this Cancer Day to help yourself, help cancer patients, spread the good word and save lives.