Sunil Grover has opened up about Kapil Sharma’s lying accusations on Twitter. The tiff between Kapil and Sunil seems to be never-ending as the comedians have again sparked a conflict. On Sunday, Kapil Sharma accused Sunil of lying about not getting an offer to work in his upcoming show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

This controversy has now become a Twitter spat, now Sunil Grover has replied to Kapil’s tweet. He wrote, “Now people know the answer why I didn’t join the show earlier. I am talking about ‘this’ show. You are bringing up an old topic.”

Bringing up the previous controversy in light Grover wished ‘good luck’ to Kapil Sharma in the end. “I didn’t speak up for one year as details about your bad behavior would come out to the public and I wanted your dignity to stay intact. We have done very good work together.I referred to this show and not the previous show. And you are a better comedian. Everyone knows it. But I will still keep trying with whatever I know. Take care. There are only two kidneys and one liver. Take care of your health. Again, I will say I have not been offered a role for this show. Good luck with the new show. Wishes and love,” he said.

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma decided not to keep anything personal and spilled it all on social media.