Kubbra Sait celebrates International Yoga Day, credits yoga for her transformation

Actress Kubbra Sait celebrates International Yoga Day, crediting yoga for her transformative journey and inner strength.

Kubbra Sait celebrates International Yoga Day, credits yoga for her transformation

Image Source: Kubbra Sait/Instagram

On International Yoga Day, celebrated globally on June 21, acclaimed actress Kubbra Sait took to social media to share her profound journey with yoga. Known for her vibrant and candid personality, Kubbra has made a name for herself in Indian cinema with standout performances in films and web series. Today, she revealed how yoga has been a cornerstone in her life, providing strength and balance through various challenges.

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Kubbra Sait shared a series of pictures documenting her yoga journey, highlighting the physical and emotional transformations she has experienced.



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She wrote:

“Aye! Hey… listen up Happy Hoomans!!!

It’s #internationalyogaday and I wish you all a journey in the middle or the beginning of self-love, strength, center, kindness, gratitude and more… because there is always more… ♥️

#Yoga has transformed me inside out. The only form of discipline I got going whether I was away shooting for #Foundation in Ireland or recovering from an elbow injury, that had me go “urrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!”

There are hours in the last few years when I’ve trained at home, at the studio, on the beach, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and absorb a lot of different little practices and tools from my teachers and guides to improve as I flowed along…

Today I credit yoga most for giving me a physical sense of #Balance and … … … Don’t forget to do your #pranayama

Stay strong and sane!
Yogi’s and Yoginis.

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Kubbra’s post was accompanied by a series of inspiring photos showing her in various yoga poses, illustrating the dedication and effort she has invested in her practice. Her journey with yoga has not been without its struggles. She mentioned the discipline yoga instilled in her, helping her stay centered whether she was on set in Ireland or recovering from a painful elbow injury.

The actress emphasized that yoga has not only contributed to her physical strength but has also provided mental and emotional balance. Kubbra’s message was filled with positivity, encouraging her followers to embrace yoga and its numerous benefits, regardless of where they are on their own journeys.

Her Instagram post received a wave of support and admiration from fans and fellow actors alike, celebrating her resilience and dedication to personal growth. Kubbra Sait’s story is a testament to the transformative power of yoga, showcasing how it can foster strength, balance, and well-being in the face of life’s challenges.