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After Kim Kardashian, Zayn Malik entertains the idea of running for office

SNS | New Delhi |

The former One Direction singer Zayn Malik has migrated from the UK to California. The  British-Pakistani singer loves his US life so much now that he is considering running for office in his adopted country one day.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the 25-year-old said he was “a bit shocked” at first by the friendliness of Americans, and feels the country is being “misrepresented across the globe”.

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Zayn Malik said, “No matter what colour, what gender, what sexuality, what class – none of that matters here. People genuinely want to know you for who you are. And that’s how America should be represented across the world”.

When asked if he would consider running for office himself, he replied, “Maybe. It would be cool. I feel like it’s a beautiful place”.

Prior to this, reality TV star Kim Kardashian had said she was game for a run for public office in the US. Though she isn’t interested at this moment, would go for it if time and opportunity comes.

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According to Hollywood Reporter, she said it wasn’t not really on her mind. When reminded by Jones that “(Donald) Trump is President, it could happen”, Kim replied, “I know. That’s why Kanye loves him. It’s the idea that anything can happen… I guess never say never”.