Bigg Boss 13, Day 47, Nov 16: Salman Khan praises Asim for his honesty, Sidharth, Asim bury their differences

While Salman leaves the house, Sidharth surprises the audience as he resolves their differences and hugs Asim.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 47, Nov 16: Salman Khan praises Asim for his honesty, Sidharth, Asim bury their differences


The Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with a slight dose of politics. Salman talks about the new task of the show wherein the housemates will be judging the new contestants based on their participation in the show and will be giving them a particular tag.

Moving on inside the house, Paras announces rules of the game and starts with the tag of Bol Bachchan. Vishal names Hindustani Bhau for the tag for that he is not clear with what he wants to say which doesn’t go down well with Bhau. Later, Khesari also seconds Vishal for the same. On the other, Shehnaaz nominates Khesari for the title as he doesn’t have any logic behind his statements. Expressing her opinion, Devoleena also tags Bhau as Bol Bachchan citing that she was disappointed with the fact he mocked Mahira for her physical features. Vishal along with Arti opines that Bhau deserved the title citing his language and choice of words in the house.

Meanwhile, Sidharth called Khesari Bol Bachchan for not standing up to his words.


The next tag was that of ‘Leader’ for which Mahira, Shehnaaz and Khesari nominate Vishal for the tag as they feel he has leadership qualities. Asim supports them saying that Vishal has a clear understanding of what is right and wrong. He also said that Vishal is playing an independent game. Sidharth stated that no one deserves title other than Vishal as he has got his concepts clear. On the other hand, Devoleena and Rashami feel Arhaan deserves the title as he understands everyone and takes decisions accordingly. Himanshi also states that Arhaan is also a good listener. As Bhau also nominated Vishal for the leader title, he takes the badge.

Moving further, the next title is ‘Dishaheen’ for which Vishal names Devoleena as he feels she isn’t clear with her game strategy. On the other hand, Devoleena, Mahira tags Shefali as Dishaheen as she was a biased captain. Meanwhile, Asim nominates Devoleena for the title as he feels that she has changed her track in the game than what it was in the beginning of the game. Sidharth once again names Khesari for the title citing that he isn’t able to understand the game.

The next tag is of ‘Work In Progress’ and the majority names Khesari for the title saying that although he did change his game off late, he is still taking time to open up. Furthermore, the housemates tag Rashami as ‘Slow Motion’ saying that she is going slow as compared to other contestants and that her game has changed post her return. Although Paras and Vishal opine that it is Arhaan who isn’t standing up to his expectations, Rashami gets the tag.

Talking about the ‘Gayab’ tag, housemates unanimously gives the title to Himanshi as they feel she isn’t coming out in the game and is being overshadowed by other contestants. While the next tag is that of an ‘Entertainer’, Devoleena’s changed chemistry with Sidharth did wonders for her as she was titled as the entertainer of the house.

While the housemates are left with the last title of ‘Kaayar’, Arhaan, who was the last one to get the title among the new housemates, refuses to take it saying it doesn’t justify him. Later, the housemates leave it to Salman to decide for the tag.

Salman enters the house through live tv and reviews the judgement of the contestants. Salman says the contestants are wrong in the judgement about the contestants and reveals the audience feedback.

While housemates tagged Himanshi as ‘Gayab’, Salman revealed that as per the audience, it is Khesari who is ‘Gayab’ in the show. He also shows a video message from a fan who asks Khesari to be the hero in the game rather than being a scripted hero on the silver screen.

Salman asks Shefali to remove the ‘Dishaheen’ tag and give it to Himanshi.
For the ‘Slow motion’ tag, housemates managed to match the audience’s feedback.

Salman reveals that Arhaan is the ‘Bol Bachchan’ in the house. In a video message, a fan quizzed that while Arhaan made big promises post his entry on the show, he isn’t showing any clear strategy. To this, Arhaan says that the game is very much on from his end. However, Salman explained that he isn’t standing up to the audience’s expectations.

Devoleena, who was titled as an entertainer by housemates, got the title of ‘Work In Progress’ by the audience.

Next in the game, Salman reveals that the audience feels Vishal is the ‘Kaayar’ in the house.

Moving further with the ‘Entertainer’ tag, Salman said that the audience has given the title to Hindustani Bhau.

On the other hand, much to everyone’s surprise, Shefali wins the title of the ‘Leader’. Salman asks her to give a piece of advice to the new contestants. Shefali asks Bhau to stop being politically correct in the show and get into his element. Talking about Himanshi, Shefali states that while she is on the right track, she should get back in the game. For Arhaan, Shefali feels that while he was clear about his strategy in the beginning, but he is losing focus in the game. About Rashami, Shefali agreed that while she isn’t keeping well, but hopes that she will be back in the game. Shefali feels that Devoleena is work in progress and her chemistry with Sidharth is quite entertaining. However, she needs to pick up the speed.

Talking about Vishal, Shefali says she doesn’t trust him. But she suggests him to keep confidence, be honest, straightforward and win the trust of housemates. For Khesari, Shefali said that he should be a little more expressive. However, she also lauded him for putting in efforts in the game. Next, Salman says that while everyone is being diplomatic in the house, it is only Asim who is being real.

While Salman leaves the house, Sidharth surprises the audience as he resolves their differences and hugs Asim. While Shefali, Arti and Himanshi are happy to see the old friends getting back together. In fact, Arti feels that it is Devoleena’s magic that is working on Sidharth. Next Salman welcomes the youngest superstar Anil Kapoor on the stage. Anil is here to promote his upcoming movie Pagalpanti. Salman shares that the next episode is going to be crazy ride and bids adieu.

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