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Bigg Boss 13, Day 43, Nov 12: Sidharth, Asim’s cordial relation turns upside down; Khesari out of captaincy race

While both Asim and Arhaan’s tunnels are almost full, Vishal’s isn’t so much, and he becomes the first to come out. He breaks Khesari’s plate.

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In Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, friends turned into foes.

The housemates wake up to the rap “Sher Aya Sher”. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla sit together while Shefali Zariwala and Asim Riaz pull their legs. Devoleena Bhattacharjee, on the other side, tells Paras Chhabra that he becomes her support while Rashami Desai adds that both Shehnaaz and Mahira have problems with each other, and this leaves Mahira annoyed.

Meanwhile, Sidharth, Hindustani Bhau, and others talk about Arti and Vishal and pull their legs leaving everyone in splits. Vishal then asks Arti if she really likes him, and to this, Arti does not say anything, which in turn leads to some more banter in the house. On the other hand, Shehnaaz and others do a show marriage for them, turning it into a fun occasion. Devoleena, Rashami, and Mahira talk about what’s going on.

Devoleena and Arhaan tell Hindustani Bhau that the breakfast is ready, and if there’s anyone who wants to make anything else, they can make it on their own. On this, Sidharth says that he doesn’t eat ‘bhurji’, which leads to another argument over food. Captain Shefali comes in too, asking what is going on, and Paras budges in too. Shefali then decides to assign Sidharth the chopping duty, and then both Devoleena and Arhaan put forward their complaints. This further leads to some more arguments, leading to everyone talking at the top of their voices.

Khesari and Sidharth too, get into an argument over their own issues, while Shehnaaz wonders how Khesari too, spoke up for a change. Eventually, their fight ignites. Devoleena walks up to Sidharth while he is eating and they speak to each other with a lot of sarcasm in it. Following this, Sidharth and Paras get into an argument too while Devoleena and Sidharth’s conversation continues. Arti then asks Sidharth why they were sitting together and Sidharth gets annoyed while Arti says how she feels everyone is jealous of Sidharth. Sidharth then chides Asim for moving away while he was having a heated argument over eggs with the others.

On the other hand, Devoleena and Arhaan talk about Sidharth, while Asim goes to Sidharth and tells him things he has heard Arti and Shehnaaz say and puts his point forward. Housemates complain before Shefali how Sidharth does not do any work.

The conversation over duties continue, and while talking about Hindustani Bhau, Arti and Asim get into an argument, and Asim gets talking about Sidharth as well, leading to an argument between Asim and Sidharth too. Asim then walks out while Shehnaaz tries to talk some sense into Asim. Sidharth too comes to him and tells him his mistake, and Arti apologizes to him too, and everyone sort things out.

Devoleena cries in the washroom and calls Rashami and begins to speak ill of Sidharth. Paras, Vishal, Mahira, and Bhau, who stand outside and listen to all this, and then she speaks about Shefali being biased and how no one took her side. Meanwhile, Shefali explains the next captaincy task with a part of the house being turned into a mountain area.

Everyone gets discussing the task and how to block each other, with Asim, Vishal, and Arhaan competing. The task starts and everyone begins blocking the tunnels. While both Asim and Arhaan’s tunnels are almost full, Vishal’s isn’t so much, and he becomes the first to come out. He breaks Khesari’s plate while Arti, as well as Paras, talk to Vishal about their game. He is then seen talking to Mahira as well, and she tells him that she wants Shehnaaz and Sidharth’s plates to be broken.

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